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Who Are We?

Tri-City Eyes is a full-service optometry that places a strong focus on treating our patients with the same level of care as a family member. We are committed to ensuring our patients can enjoy clear and comfortable vision, as this affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life. We want to help you look and see better, and help you live a better life.

We offer a full-scope of optometry services that include in-house lens cutting, in addition to specialty services such as dry-eye treatment, myopia management, and diagnosis and treatment of various ocular (eye) diseases.

Specialty Services

So many of us battle dry eyes because we live in a very dry, windy climate here in the Tri-Cities. Tri-City Eyes specializes in Dry Eye Disease. We have the expertise and newest technology to bring relief to our patients.

Myopia is the medical term for nearsightedness, where the eyeball elongates and results in blurry distance vision. Our clinic specializes in myopia management and can help slow the progression of myopia by as much as 50%. This is especially important for children and teens whose prescriptions are changing rapidly.

Tri-City Eyes is a full-service optical. Our expert opticians are able to recommend the right fit and lens options for your busy lifestyle. We cut lenses in-house, carry a wide variety of contacts, and have a fantastic selection of frames and sunglasses- including prescription safety glasses!

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