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Tri-City Eyes

Tri-City Eyes offers a full-scope of optometry care that is comprehensive and customized to fit your unique vision profile. We welcome all ages to our clinic- infants to seniors!

We cover all aspects of eyecare, from the most up-to-date and in-style frames, to many types of lenses, lens coatings, contact lenses, even specialty contacts! Our patients also receive comprehensive eye exams, as well as the diagnosis and treatment of a host of eye diseases. 

Tri-City Eyes offers convenient hours, including evening hours to accommodate the busy schedules of our patients. We are also happy to assist with emergency visits when necessary…because life happens!

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

At Tri-City Eyes you can expect a thorough examination. During your comprehensive eye exam your optometrist will evaluate much more than just your visual acuity. In addition to clarity of vision, we will review your health history, look for signs of eye disease in the front and back of the eye, and assess how your eyes are working together.

And please, come to your eye exam with all of your questions! Our clinic was founded because one certain optometrist took his time with Dr. Hair way back when (take a look at the story here), and we enjoy providing that same level of care to our patients, too.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Ocular Diseases

Tri-City Eyes is committed to diagnosing and treating many different types of ocular (eye) diseases that in any way affect the health of your eyes or your vision. 

Among the most common eye disorders and diseases that we treat here at Tri-City Eyes are cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, amblyopia, age-related macular degeneration, aggressive myopia, refractive errors, and strabismus. We have the expertise, knowledge, and up-to-date technology, to effectively diagnose and treat ocular diseases of all kinds.

Dry Eye Management

Dry eye is a common and chronic condition that is caused by an inadequate quantity or quality of tears, or both. Your tears are necessary to lubricate and protect your eyes.  Dry Eye can be a frustrating disease with symptoms that may include pain, irritation, a burning sensation, redness, light sensitivity, even watering.

At Tri-City Eyes, we specialize in Dry Eye management, and will advise you with the best treatment options. We enjoy helping our patients find relief from the pain and annoyance of this frustrating disease..

Myopia Management

More and more individuals are developing myopia (nearsightedness) every year. Currently more than 40% of Americans are myopic, and that number is increasing at an alarming rate- especially among school-aged children! When a child has aggressive myopia their vision changes quickly, and when left unchecked, puts them at higher risk for glaucoma, retinal detachments, and more. Myopia IS a big deal.

Tri-City Eyes has invested heavily, both in training and equipment, to help our patients slow down, even stop, the progression of myopia. Whether it’s using orthokeratology (contacts you sleep with at night), prescription eye drops, or otherwise, we are excited to help make lasting changes with a big impact on you or your child’s eye health.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Regular contacts will not fit everyone because not all of us have perfectly-shaped corneas. Additionally, some people have eye conditions, such as dry eye, which can make it challenging to wear conventional contact lenses.

Fortunately, at Tri-City Eyes, we have specialty contact lenses that can address various eye diseases for our patients who want to enjoy good vision without glasses.

Emergency Visits

We know that life doesn’t always happen when it’s convenient, which is why we offer emergency visits at Tri-City Eyes. 

When there is an emergent need, patients may text our office outside of our regular business hours, and we are happy to assist. If the emergency happens during our open hours, give us a call and we’ll fit you in.

Did you know that urgent care and emergency room facilities are ill-equipped to handle eye issue? It’s true! For an eye issue, they will typically refer to an optometrist anyway. Save yourself a step and call or text us first!