A team You Can Trust

Tri-City Eyes is made up of a team of caring, passionate eye care experts. Each member of the Tri-City Eyes team is dedicated to seeing their patients look and see better and live a better life. It is important for Dr. Jason Hair, O.D. and his highly trained staff to do all they can to make patients feel valued, heard, and comfortable.  At Tri-City Eyes, each patient is treated with kindness and competence.

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Dr. Jason Hair, O.D.

“I love what I do. Knowing firsthand the effect that clear and comfortable vision has on nearly every aspect of a person’s life, my goal is to not only help you look and see better, but to help you live a better life.”

Gary Gilmour

“I am very passionate about helping people see and feel better about themselves, and I like to work with people who are passionate about making a difference in our community.”


Stephanie Roberts

“I enjoy being in the healthcare industry. It has allowed me to help fill a need, as well as give me a chance to make people feel good about themselves.”


Jana Hair

“Everyone should feel know and valued, and service should always be given with kindness and competence. My goal is to have our patients leave satisfied and smiling.”


Jasmine Martinez

“What drew me to Tri-City Eyes was knowing I would help make a change in someone’s life by helping them get their best vision.”